Welcome to version 1.0 of the Wiggem Authorization Script. This is an open source authorization routine that will allow you to secure portions of your site based on user accounts. This script was inspired by Phortify, which came from an article on www.phpbuilder.com. (A GREAT SITE HAS HELPED ME IN SOO MANY WAYS) Unlike Phortify it uses session variables which are harder to fake then cookies thus making it more secure.

PHP 4 and MYSQL Sessions must be configured (see PHP manual) or use cookie version

Download Wiggem 1.0.0 here

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WIGGEM Features:
  • User creation
  • User login routine
  • User verification
    (tests wether login was done)
Planned Features:
  • User deletion
  • User Suspension
  • Update Account
  • Admin Menu
  • user verification
    (by email conformation)
  • User Groups
  • Track Bad Logins
  • No Dup Users